For the Builder's Association, I organized dozens of annual events, but the biggest is the BANN Industry Awards Banquet for home builders called the BANNer Awards. I hired two judges from out of state and took them to judge all of the entries. I then planned the event for 700 people, and produced this video to show all the work we accomplished during the year (including all of the events I hosted and took photos). I utilized a free video editing program to compile this video for the annual celebration. I also created a video to promote the benefits of the organization for social media and wrote dozens of newsletters that were very successful in awareness campaigns. My new membership brochure was a huge hit and shows all the work we accomplished within the organization and the benefits of joining. Click on samples below. 

Website Design & Sales Improvement Sample.

Equus Management Group is an HOA Management company in Reno, NV.  As one of the smaller locally owned management companies, they needed me to revamp their website, marketing collateral and branding so that they could compete more effectively. The key problems were identified immediately when a search for "HOA management company Reno" showed no results on Google. Also, their marketing didn't include important information for buyers such as, "what problem do you solve", and "what is your USP?"  I wrote the entire website from scratch in three months and was able to improve SEO so dramatically that Google was showing front page results for the company in just three short weeks of publishing the site. It's not the best WordPress template as I was stuck with the color theme, but the contents and key words on this website work for the company, and the customer. In addition, I researched the target market names and addresses on the Secretary of State's website, and designed a direct mail piece specifically designed to address their stress levels with their current management company. Success happened again when the phones began ringing. We had 14 leads in just 4 short months and three new clients which helped to grow the company significantly. We grew so quickly, I was asked to give up my office and work from home as a consultant until the contract expired. 


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Letters from clients:

“Okay, this is absolutely amazing! I can’t believe how perfect my website is! I’m so grateful to you for taking my frustrations and wiping them out by taking over this project! Debbie, I could never thank you enough! I feel like I now have the ability to move forward with my business, social media and networking. I feel like a real business with a place to refer people. I’m ready to hit the ground running. Thank you so much! You’re a rock star!”

Marilee Hixon Arizona Organized Solutions


“I hired Debbie as my Marketing Director to help grow my business on a one-year contract. She completely re-designed my website and improved SEO. We went from not being found on the Internet to the first page of Google results in top position in just three weeks. Debra also re-designed all our marketing and presentation collateral and designed a direct e-mail piece that brought us over 25 leads and three major clients within a few months. She’s a great graphic designer, and I would highly recommend her to companies that desire growth. We grew so fast that she grew herself out of an office!”

Rick Gardner President/Equus Management Group


“I hired Debbie to create two websites for me, and the results were amazing! My business is now booming! Not only was she very creative in the design of the sites, but she was also fast to respond to my updates. Before I hired Debra my business was struggling, and now I’m so busy I’m turning away clients! I highly recommend Debra for your website and marketing needs, as she and her team have ability to create websites that not only look good, but also drive business. Debra’s marketing experience is extensive, and thanks to her help, my business is more successful than ever!”

Lori Carr Bay Area Entertainment Network


“We have been working with Debbie for several months and have been ecstatic with the results. Within weeks my website and SEO dramatically improved with new links, squeeze pages, registration pages and PayPal links. Debra now handles many of these aspects as well as client testimonials, e-mail campaigns, event management and sales campaign content. She has a can-do attitude and looks for ways to accomplish our goals from strategy through implementation. Debra is a pleasure to work with and a valuable asset to our team. Her role continues to expand, and her experience, ethics and drive will continue to drive our results. I highly recommend the services provided by Amazing Websites Reno!”

Dave Gazave, Business Coach


“Debbie has been actively involved in so many facets of my business, including marketing, sales, website consulting, customer retention and community image. She even starred in one of our web video casts. And she ran our successful charity fund raiser. Combine her enthusiasm, energy, creativeness and people power with her genuine desire to help build your business, and you can’t find anyone better. Would I ask her to help with future marketing campaigns? Absolutely! Where’s my checkbook?!”

Steve Lewis Sterling Motors Reno


“Debbie is an enthusiastic go-getter who has provided excellent support in keeping our marketing campaigns on track and executed in a consistent and timely manner. She has helped us create content and distribute it across our multiple marketing channels and assisted us with our strategic efforts. I would recommend all of the services provided by Amazing Websites Reno to all small businesses seeking growth.”

Business Coach Chuck Kocher





This TV Commercial f​​​​​​or Acura came about from speaking with several customers who had accidents in the Acura and lived to tell about them. One customer told a story about her accident in her Acura MDX and it was the third story I heard and I knew that I had to tell the world. This was the aha moment in marketing. The moment you find the key reason over any others why someone would buy THIS car: Safety. It was the top safety pick and this proved it. I put together some photos and the general concept and contacted Brian at CID productions to put my idea into action. He created a story-board. Once I scheduled the spot during the morning and evening news I knew it would be a hit and it was. I was told by the sales manager that we sold more MDX's that month than in previous years.

Website Design Sample.

As a Marketing Consultant for Nevada Health Centers, they were in need of a logo overhaul and a brand new website. I utilized WordPress to create a fun community website to help get the word out about affordable healthcare services for those in need, as well as the popular Mamovan. I wrote the content, and mirrored the content for brochures and flyers. I was also involved in Grand Opening ceremonies.

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