The Builder's Association

Challenge: The Board of Directors and Executive Director set annual fundraising goals to meet for the year through the development of a wide array of initiatives including: The Annual Golf Tournament, the BANNer Awards, networking events, outreach events, political events, and other industry events. They also needed help providing tools to sales to attract new members.

Work Samples posted publicly online:


Churrasco Brazilian Steakhouse

UNR Field Sponsor & Car Promotion Night


  • Successfully increased organic website search results, leads and sales by 65% through a wide-array of marketing strategies including e-mail campaigns, social media, radio advertising, promotions, direct mail and community outreach.
  • Re-wrote and updated marketing collateral including a new sales packet, brochures, mailers, proposals, and more.
  • Managed all advertising and PR, including radio shows, direct mail, media events, podcasts and videos.
  • Surpassed expectations in the launch of the new logo i.e.: videos and animations for logo launch.
  • Developed a strategic plan to include annual initiatives achieving all goals on time and on budget.
  • Utilized Constant Contact to develop professional newsletters sent to 5,000 people which brought in leads and sales every month. 
  • Developed trade-show collateral including backdrop, logo tablecloth, business cards, handouts and more.Type your paragraph here.

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Experience Makes a Difference!


This TV Commercial f​​​​​​or Acura sold more MDX's that month than any time in previous years. The moment you find the key reason over any others why someone would buy something, you have to be able to identify it and capitalize on it.  In this case, SAFETY wasn't something that was just a report. Safety actually meant saving the most precious thing we have: human life. The MDX was the top safety pick and this proved it. I put together some photos and the general concept and contacted Brian at CID productions to put my idea into action. He created a story-board. Once I scheduled the spot during the morning and evening news I knew it would be a hit and it was.  It still gives me chills today. I managed two websites and the marketing for both Infiniti and Acura for three years.  We also did some excellent radio programs where the DJ's rode around in the new Infiniti. I managed the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for Infiniti, including getting the Mayor and other dignitaries from the chamber and hiring the Reno Orchestra members to play.


After a re-write and design of the entire website, and work on keyword optimization throughout the website, the SEO improved so dramatically that Google was showing front page results for the centers in just three short weeks of publishing the new website. A successful grand opening celebration caught the media attention, new marketing collateral was designed, the Mamovan started showing up at special events and the word got out about the service. The website continually improved and site visits increased dramatically with the implementation of strategies including social media to help get the word out about the new facility and 14 other centers throughout Nevada.

Introducing a brand new restaurant in Midtown Reno. As the ONLY Brazilian style steakhouse in Reno, this wasn't a hard task. Starting from scratch we needed to build awareness and a list of subscribers. We began with signage in the windows "coming soon" and then created a Facebook page and began running updates and promotions for a dinner for two giveaway to 100 people. All they needed to do is subscribe to our e-mail list. The grand opening was delayed due to construction but the anticipation actually helped to drive excitement. I developed a YouTube Channel and uploaded our grand opening interview with Josh Little of KOLO 8 news and shared the link on Facebook and on our newsletter to our eCLUB which got 566 views the first few weeks!

  • Subscribers on website before marketing: 565 - In 6 months with marketing we have: 3558
  • Facebook followers before: 80 - In 6 months: 1450 and growing.

General Marketing Support

Non-Profit Work & Gilroy Ostrich Association

Branding/Newsletter/Social Media/ Develop non profit fundraising campaigns.

I write and design the printed newsletter that goes out to about 400 guests every weekend, which includes news and promotions. I also design the digital Mail Chimp version of the newsletter that is sent to over 2,400 people. In addition I manage the fundraising page below and donations for special programs.

Other projects: 2019 Project:  The 50th Anniversary of Woodstock, including an anniversary box set and Woodstock Magic Bus Museum on Wheels Tour. Assisted with content development for online stores including Amazon, Shopify,, Etsy and E-Bay. Developed Indiegogo and Kickstarter Campaigns:

work samples & case studies


After a re-write and design of the entire website, the SEO improved so dramatically that Google was showing front page results for the company in just three short weeks of publishing the new website. After researching the target market of HOA supervisors on the Secretary of State's website, a list of thousands of HOA managers were identified and a direct mail piece was designed to address their stress levels with their current management company. With targeted marketing, the phones began ringing. We had 14 leads in 4 months and several new clients which helped to grow the company's client base dramatically. We grew so quickly, I was asked to give up my office and work from home as a consultant so that the company could use the space for many new staff to handle the increase in business. We improved services to the current clients too by offering seminars like the Fire Prevention Seminar which was recorded and sent to all HOA's.


Restaurants are a tough business. One or two bad reviews, or one bad night can ruin a restaurant's reputation. So our goal was to offer the most superior service and food in town. In September of 2019 I created a strategic plan with the owners. Our first goal was to generate excitement over the grand opening. We did this by announcing a giveaway of 100 free dinners. We wanted to create brand awareness so I created a short video and a carefully executed Facebook campaign to over 10,000 locals and it was launched. In addition to subscribers to the website, we also asked for people to follow us on Facebook to get the latest news on the drawing. Those who subscribed to our newsletter would be part of the drawing. This was a huge success because we had almost 5,000 total followers before we even opened. I was involved in writing job descriptions, placing ads for staff, writing the company employee manual and helping with orientation. I managed the changes on the website, took photos, worked with photographers, developed relationships with the media, joined the Chamber of Commerce and partnered with the RSCVA and other community organizations. I managed the phone system announcements when I noticed that they were missing hundreds of weekly calls. Relationships with all of the hotels were established and they were invited in for food tastings. Social media was managed in a way that lead more followers in while every question was attended to in order to build superb relations with our audience- and it shows in the numbers. All reviews were thanked, and some rewarded for such great reviews. Worked with Yelp to take off reviews that were against rules.  At the time of the opening, a press release was launched and it resulted in a great RGJ article, and a morning show TV appearance with KOLO 8 Josh Little that was outstanding. The video was added to YouTube and social media along with a link in the e-mail campaign. The restaurant opened with an overwhelming response in February, 2020 to a sold-out first week. Weekends continued to be sold out for the next four weeks until Covid-19 began appearing in town and all non-essential businesses were closed. We re-opened in June and the community has continued to be extremely supportive.

These photos span the last 10 years as a Marketing Specialist: Weaving Business Dreams into Reality. These include client websites, collateral, awards, newsletters, radio shows, TV appearances, promotions, entertainment, events, grand openings, sponsorships, trade shows, websites, advertisements, printed newsletters, brochures, business cards, and much more!


Equus Management Group

Equus Management Group is an HOA Management company.  They needed an updated website, marketing collateral and branding so that they could compete more effectively. The key problems were identified immediately when a search for "HOA management company Reno" showed no results on Google. Also, their marketing didn't include important information for buyers such as, "what problem do you solve", and "what is your USP?" 


Infiniti Auto Dealership

Challenge: Put a new business on the map and help increase sales. Infiniti of Reno could not be found on the Internet, even though they had a website due to the lack of SEO being set up. I also helped Acura of Reno. Being one of the top safety pics in the world, the Acura MDX was protecting people and saving the lives of three customers who told me their stories. I came up with the idea to tell the story on a TV commercial and hired a team to produce it. 

Full service marketing consulting - serving nevada and california small businesses



Nevada Health Centers

New location being built in Carson City. Needed new logo. Needed to let the entire community know about the sliding scale fees for those in need. Needed new website and new branding. Needed marketing collateral and a way to promote the mamo van and other services. 


  • Exceeded fundraising expectations raising more money than the goal.Successfully planned and executed the annual industry golf tournament through registration, collecting fees, advertising, award presentations and all other planning details.Coordinated the Industry Banner Awards event from planning to execution including working with two distinguished judges, a two-day judging of Reno new homes and properties, booking banquet, organizing program, awards and theme.Produced radio spots for members and edited video for use on YouTube
  • Wrote and managed association newsletter.
  • Designed company directory and advertisements for members. 


American Arborists Tree Service, Reno.

Challenge: The owners of this Reno company came to realize that they have needed a Marketing Director for many years and finally decided to hire one to manage their many initiatives. They were in the process of re-vamping the equipment, the education of their talented employees, new branding, new collateral and a new website. They were seeking to increase revenue and increase awareness. 

A career spanning 20 years offers a great deal of learning and experience. As a Marketing Consultant, I have helped literally over 150 CEO's and business owners achieve extraordinary results when it comes to the bottom line. When I left the Parkinson's Institute to move to Nevada, the Founder asked what he could do to convince me to stay. They tell me that they could never find someone who could fill my shoes. I have told companies before they hired me that I could double their sales. Behind closed doors they tell me they laughed and that I didn't understand their business. Then within three months, I doubled their sales. This is the same story for the past several clients. I have come to the conclusion that if you hire me, there is something you need to be prepared for: Growth. Are you in a lease that you can't get out of? Are all of your staff trained to handle growth? How is your fleet running? Will your trucks break down trying to get to all of your estimates? How is are your processes and procedures working to handle the calls that will come in? From my experience, these are all of the problems that occur when you hire a really good marketing specialist. Your entire business has to be ready. Are you ready?