Solution: Small company's don't always have a big budget for their websites, but need to get something up to begin increasing the awarenessabout their businesses. GoDaddy offers a great probram for small businesses where they can obtain a WordPress website on a platform that I can teach them how to manage themselves. I have created WordPress websites from scratch, wrote all of the content, set up all of the pages and managed all of the SEO so my clients can begin reaping the rewards of new business. These websites didn't cost more than $500 - $1,200 for my clients and businesses.


Challenge: The owners of this Reno company came to realize that they have needed a Marketing Director for many years and finally decided to hire one to manage their many initiatives. They were in the process of re-vamping the equipment, the education of their talented employees, new branding, new collateral and a new website. They were seeking to increase revenue and increase awareness. 

Work Samples posted publicly online:


  Current Project: The 50th Anniversary of Woodstock, including an anniversary box set

  and Woodstock Magic Bus Museum on Wheels Tour. Assisted with content development

  for online stores including Amazon, Shopify,, Etsy and E-Bay. 

  Photo editing for product placement and suggestions for box set video improvements. 

  Developed Indiegogo and Kickstarter Campaigns:

solutionsas the marketing director

collateral designall clients

client Case Study 1American arborists 

Challenge: How do you sell more cars? While working for Acura of Reno, three customers came in to purchase their second MDX because they survived a terrible accident and lived. It was the third customer that made me realize that these are stories that the world needs to hear. Being one of the top safety pics in the world, the Acura MDX was protecting people and saving lives. The challenge was to take these stories and tell the story while helping to increase auto sales.

client Case Study 4companies needeing afforable websites

  • Successfully increased organic website search results, leads and sales by 65% through a wide-array of marketing strategies including e-mail campaigns, social media, radio advertising, promotions, direct mail and community outreach.
  • Re-wrote and updated marketing collateral including a new sales packet, brochures, mailers, proposals, and more.
  • Managed all advertising and PR, including radio shows, direct mail, media events, podcasts and videos.
  • Surpassed expectations in the launch of the new logo i.e.: videos and animations for logo launch.
  • Developed a strategic plan to include annual initiatives achieving all goals on time and on budget.
  • Utilized Constant Contact to develop professional newsletters sent to 5,000 people which brought in leads and sales every month. 
  • Developed trade-show collateral including backdrop, logo tablecloth, business cards, handouts and more.

Equus Management Group is an HOA Management company in Reno, NV.  As one of the smaller locally owned management companies, they needed me to revamp their website, marketing collateral and branding so that they could compete more effectively. The key problems were identified immediately when a search for "HOA management company Reno" showed no results on Google. Also, their marketing didn't include important information for buyers such as, "what problem do you solve", and "what is your USP?" 

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Case Study 3infiniti of reno / acura of reno

Case Study 2The Builder's Association Northern Nevada

solutionsas the marketing director

Solution: This TV Commercial f​​​​​​or Acura sold more MDX's that month than any time in previous years. The moment you find the key reason over any others why someone would buy something, you have to be able to identify it and capitalize on it.  In this case, SAFETY wasn't something that was just a report. Safety actually meant saving the most precious thing we have: human life. The MDX was the top safety pick and this proved it. I put together some photos and the general concept and contacted Brian at CID productions to put my idea into action. He created a story-board. Once I scheduled the spot during the morning and evening news I knew it would be a hit and it was.  It still gives me chills today. I managed two websites and the marketing for both Infiniti and Acura for three years.  We also did some excellent radio programs where the DJ's rode around in the new Infiniti. I managed the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for Infiniti, including getting the Mayor and other dignitaries from the chamber and hiring the Reno Orchestra members to play for guests.


solutionsas the marketing director

Challenge: The Board of Directors and Executive Director set annual fundraising goals to meet for the year through the development of a wide array of initiatives including: The Annual Golf Tournament, the BANNer Awards, networking events, outreach events, political events, and other industry events. They also needed help providing tools to sales to attract new members.

Work Samples posted publicly online:

client Case Study 5equus management group


solutionsby dreamweaver marketing



Your branding should deliver the message in a clear, concise manner. include content that connects your customer with your product or service and motivates them to buy because it solves their problem better than the competition and will create user loyalty. Our communications and branding achieved these goals

After a re-write and design of the entire website, and work on SEO H1, the SEO improved so dramatically that Google was showing front page results for the company in just three short weeks of publishing the new website. After researching the target market of HOA supervisors on the Secretary of State's website, a list of thousands of HOA managers were identified and a direct mail piece was designed to address their stress levels with their current management company. Success happened again when the phones began ringing. We had 14 leads in just 4 short months and three new clients which helped to grow the company's client base. We grew so quickly, I was asked to give up my office and work from home as a consultant so that the company could use the space for new staff.  After a few years and an increase in sales, the company updated to a more modern and professional website.

  • Exceeded fundraising expectations raising more money than the goal.
  • Successfully planned and executed the annual industry golf tournament through registration, collecting fees, advertising, award presentations and all other planning details.
  • Coordinated the Industry Banner Awards event from planning to execution including working with two distinguished judges, a two-day judging of Reno new homes and properties, booking banquet, organizing program, awards and theme.
  • Produced radio spots for members and edited video for use on YouTube
  • Wrote and managed association newsletter.
  • Designed company directory and advertisements for members.