• Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

  • Collateral Design & Development

  • Sales and Presentation Development

  • Content Development | Writing

  • Advertising Design & Implementation

  • Website Design and CMS Management

  • Social Media Management

  • Lead Generation​

  • ​Co-Directing/producing videos, presentations, radio campaigns and TV commercials


Dream Weaver Marketing has hosted some pretty spectacular events, including open houses for Infiniti of Reno, Nevada Health Centers Carson City and the Heritage Bank of Nevada grand opening in Sparks. These events included live entertainment, live radio and Mayor Bob Cashell for the ribbon cutting ceremony along with the Reno Sparks Chamber of Commerce. Prior to owning Dream Weaver Marketing, I was the Event Coordinator for a Bay Area Company called Amazing Events. In that role, I produced (along with my team and the owner) hundreds of corporate events, parties and concerts. This includes the Beach Boys Concert at the Coconut Grove in Santa Cruz, and the B52 concert at the Gilmore in San Francisco. I also produced the Banner Awards here in Reno, The Builder's Association Golf Tournament. At the Parkinson's Institute, I planned the Annual Patient Care Symposium for 700 patients to include registration, transpiration, Food & Beverage, transportation, presentation collateral, invitations, entertainment, break-out rooms, signage, staging/lighting/sound, video, and the details of the entire event. The largest event I have planned was the 10th Anniversary Celebration for 10,000 people for Siemens Business Communications. This event included booking two live bands, a Jumbo Tron stage screen, lunch coordination for 10,000 people at Marriott's Great America, parking details and a live fireworks show. When it comes to event planning, I possess 30 year's experience on how to plan and execute a flawless event. And although we are not an event planning company, no marketing plan is complete without a well-planned and thought out event. Let me help you plan a successful media event after a trade-show, a grand opening or open house, a company mixer, a trade-show booth or any other gathering of people for a purpose.  


One of the main reasons your marketing efforts aren't working for you like they should is your collateral. Too often, I find that collateral is missing the USP, the Call to Action, company benefits, or bad grammar. Companies have often changed their logo, added new products, want a new design, or noticed typos in their last design. The design of your marketing collateral goes hand in hand with your marketing and strategic plan. Whatever new content is written for the website has to be consistent with all of your messaging such as your printed materials, digital marketing, and advertising. We not only help with branding or re-branding design, we also write the content that will help sell your product to your customers. ("We" refers to whatever additional designers I utilize to help design logos or create a professional corporate marketing piece or direct mail if needed.)


Marketing involves a high-degree of writing. No matter what business you are in, we can write content from initial meetings with your team, and  ready your old collateral so we can make it more clear and meet your goals. i improve content continuously. i write:

  • Website content
  • Newsletter content
  • Presentation content
  • Brochure content
  • Sales packet content
  • Business plan and marketing plan content
  • Marketing reports and analytic content
  • Press Releases
  • Marketing communications


Before we go out and begin the sales process, and implementing the strategies we've agreed upon, we must have a proper presentation. Weather it's a nice presentation packet, or a PowerPoint presentation or video, this must be completed before we hit the road and do sales or advertising. The entire company needs to be ready to present before we present to anyone. This means that the entire sales process is reviewed from initial job estimate to the sales packet to the initial letters of correspondence with your customers.  

I have gone into companies and prepared beautiful presentation packets, with beautiful new logos and company photos and landed meetings for estimates only to find that the guys in the shop were about to send out one page estimates from the company without new logos or company covers and a document full of typos and misspelled words. As your marketing consultant, I will make sure that you have all of your I's dotted and all of your T's crossed before presenting your company to new customers.  


Together, we work collaboratively to make your business wishes come true and forecast when each strategy will take place. For example, your strategic plan may include the following:

1. Logo Launch
2. Re-do marketing brochures
3. Launch logo video to customers via social media, YouTube, direct mail, and newsletters via Constant Contact or Mail Chimp.

Everything has to be done in order. All ducks will be in a row and waiting to hit the water single file. Your strategic plan has goals outlined with when each step will take place, the goals we want to achieve, and what we want the result to look like.  


The final step in the marketing process is your advertising campaign. This is because you don't want to send new potential customers to a website that is not working yet. What I mean is...it has to be SEO ready, it has to have a good call to action, it has to be ready for presentation based on all of the content we've written and designed. It has to be tested and functioning properly so that when people go to the internet to look for your company, they can find you because they forgot your company name and they are searching for what you do. I have so many examples of this, but most recently another company was advertising a 20% off special on tree pruning. My client said, we need to advertise on that station too. I said why? The competitor is doing it for you. People will search arborist on Google and your ad comes up first on a Google search. Instead, put the 20% off pruning services on that ad, and people will mistakenly call your business instead of the competitors. Why? The customer will be confused and not remember the company name, only that they need an arborist. And you know what? It worked. The other company had a great advertising campaign that lead people to our ad. Our phone was ringing, and customers were saying that they heard our ad. This is why you have a marketing consultant. When you have someone who understands how your market thinks, you can save money. We design ads that tie in with everything we have written, including your USP, new photos and new campaign promotions. These include digital ads, and traditional magazine or other print ads. We also write scripts for radio and develop story boards for TV commercials. You can see samples here on this website under "work samples". 


If you need a new website, no problem. We believe that you should not be bound or held hostage by your website company. Many CEO's and small business owners make the mistake of hiring people overseas to design their website only to find out that they have to contact them every time they have to change or add content. This can get expensive when you cannot have access to your own website and have a company like us manage your content for you. We are affordable. Website changes are always immediate and we are very familiar with content management systems on WordPress. or other website builders. Allow me to handle and update your content for you so you can run your business. We will even teach you  or your staff how to manage it yourself.


Everyone by now has realized the importance of social media in the marketing strategy for any company. But many people don't understand that posts on social media should be about value. Facebook ads are about people "liking" them so you don't want to continuously "sell, sell, sell" on Facebook. It's about relationship building. You want to share photos, stories, helpful links and value driven statements. You want to engage your audience through short videos and interactive contests. Facebook is a place where you can invite your customers to see what you are up to in a way that brings them value. Share a charity event. Invite people to come to an open house. Welcome your new staff. Share articles and helpful hints on your products or services. This is a place to "brand" your brand. Sales are okay, but a fun promotion is better. We help manage your social media campaigns on all of your platforms. We bring creativity and provide an annual posting strategy with your customers needs, wants and desires in mind.


There are so many fantastic ideas for lead generation. When you can give your customers something they want for free, they are willing to give up their e-mail address or phone to get it. This can be a white-paper or an article or something more like a discount. A good "call to action" can be added to your website to get information from your visitors in exchange for some value. HGTV gives away a smart home in exchange for people's names, phone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses. How valuable is an e-mail address these days?


Every company is in need of updated photos. There are always new staff, new equipment, a new building, new products, etc.  Many companies need new photos but think that they have to cost thousands of dollars to achieve. They don't. And more photos on your web page or on your Google business page can only help. We do one or two-day photoshoots for companies that help them shine in a much better light. This can include professional photographers or our team with a 20 mega-pixel camera which has proven to take some pretty high quality photos which we were able to photoshop in the office. As always, you are the judge so if ever you are unhappy, we can re-shoot. But to date, our clients have been very happy with their photo-shoots. Just ask for samples.


This is perhaps one of the most important things that companies miss. People shop in different ways on the Internet, and negative reviews can really affect a company if they don't keep up on answering them and taking care of their customers. There are new programs that can remove negative reviews. Know about them. 


We have designed new logos for a few companies, including Nevada Health Centers and American Arborists. There are several artists to choose from, and they will all provide you with samples which you can choose from. We also assist with the logo launch and the design of your company letterhead, and envelopes. We can also manage your printing vendors....


As your marketing consultant, I will provide different options for the design of whatever marketing or advertising collateral you need and you can choose the direction. Together, we work through every step with me listening to your input and then making appropriate changes. All collateral should work together simultaneously so that everything is consistent. I can create logo rules and help train staff on how your logo and brand should be represented. This includes consistent e-mail signatures for all staff, and links to your social media and website in your signatures.    



Video testimonials are fantastic for just about anything! This includes customer videos on YouTube with key words that help people find your company on the Internet, to testimonial videos streaming on your website or linking to your newsletters. Videos are also proven terrific at getting people to engage on your social media. We write, film and produce videos to help your company do just about anything, from telling a story to introducing your products in a presentation. PowerPoint can be saved as an .MOV file and music can be edited in easily making presentations in 2019 more versatile than ever!  


We have a list of PR contacts for press releases ready to go. We have a list of media contacts at various radio stations on hand the minute you're ready to begin a radio campaign. We have relationships with all types of media folks so that if you want to run an ad in a community magazine or in the local newspaper online or print - we're ready to go!


If you already have a website company or people who manage your PPC campaigns, we can manage those vendors. We speak the same language and can easily communicate with them on what you need done and manage the process to make sure it's done correctly. 

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marketing consulting services

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  • Logo Design Management

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  • Story Board Creation for Television & Digital Media Commercials

Whatever project you need help with, I have the talent to help you in the following areas:


Every business needs a strategic marketing plan before starting any campaign. The lack of a business or marketing plan is one of the number one reasons small businesses fail. You can't begin a campaign if you don't know who you are talking to. Understanding your target audience is very important. Without knowing them, how do you know how to craft a message that will directly speak to their needs, wants and desires. A marketing plan lays out the important information that your strategic marketing plan needs to be successful. Your business plan identifies your competitors as well as your target audience. By doing a little bit of marketing research, you can really determine what sets you apart from your competition. Once you have your USP, (your unique selling proposition) your marketing consultant can them put together communications and design that will give your customers exactly what they are looking for and differentiate your products or services from your competitors. We know marketing research. We know business and strategic planning. The "strategies" we put in place are strategies that have worked for hundreds of businesses we've helped over the past dozen or so years. I now know the recipe for success and it works every time. (See client case studies).

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