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Why Content Marketing Strategies are Important to your Business:

Content Marketing is so important to your business. Why? Because it’s a strategic marketing approach to providing relevant content on your website to better attract your audience. Look at it this way: if you’re selling blue gadgets, and the headline on your website says, “About our Product” how is Google going to connect a customer searching for “Blue Gadgets” to your website text? Chances are your competitor’s website that clearly lists the term in their URL, page titles, content and SEO will lead your customer to finding their website over yours. Proper content marketing has been proven to get you more leads and a positive customer response. Just read my testimonials. My strategies have worked for our clients in ways they never dreamed possible. Just like your branding, your content must benefit a clearly defined audience. This is why target market research is so important. I will help you more clearly define what your customers’ wants, needs and desires are. Sadly, these are some of the mistakes small businesses make within their first year of business. Just look at the statistics:

According to CNBC, “While 400,000 new businesses are being created annually, 470,000 are closing, leaving a deficit of 70,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.” One of the reasons is “A Stale Marketing Message”. 

What kind of content could you distribute that would inform, entertain and engage your prospects and clients in a meaningful way?

Content that provides value. Give them something they can benefit from rather than trying to sell them something. Provide content that’s relevant. Let your customers know you understand their needs and that they can come to you for the solution.

What Can I Do For You?

About Us:

Founder Debra Ward is a marketing specialist with over two decades of experience in the field of marketing consulting and web design.  Debra has helped over 100 businesses across the U.S. to achieve extraordinary results (sales, leads or fundraising goals) as a part-time marketing consultant. She accomplished this through strategic marketing planning that includes website development, search engine optimization, content development, design, advertising, PR, social media and e-mail marketing as some of the key strategies. She possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising with a Minor in Business Marketing with an extra emphasis in Radio/TV/Film. This emphasis in production has allowed her to create storyboards for television commercials which she has co-directed, as well as the ability to produce videos for use on websites, in social media and in e-mail campaigns to help improve awareness and leads. Debra has worked for many different industries including: hospitality, gaming, auto, medical, insurance, associations, business coaching, e-commerce, entertainment, banking, non-profit, robotics, and many more. Debra founded Dream Weaver Marketing in 2006 because she realized that businesses were significantly benefiting from her advice and she wanted to help as many businesses succeed as possible. Marketing is her passion!

"I can effectively manage all of your marketing needs - like having an entire agency in one chair."

"At Dream Weaver Marketing, I can help you design an e-mail template, landing page or website that is consistent with your branding.

And let's not forget Event Coordination. Prior to marketing, I ran events for 10 years from 10 to 10,000 people with ease. Whatever your marketing needs are, hiring me, Debra Ward, is like hiring an entire Marketing Agency one person. Now THAT's value!"

I look forward to serving you.

Debra Ward

Branding for your Reno Business

If you don’t yet have a logo, we’ll create one. If you do have a logo, we’ll help you find the best slogan and content that will help your target market select YOU over the competition. Your unique selling proposition (USP) will help them see YOU as solution to their problem or need.

Your branding should:

deliver the message in a clear, concise manner.
include content that connects your customer with your product or service and motivates them to buy because it solves their problem better than the competition.
create user loyalty.

To succeed in branding, you must understand the needs and wants of your customers and prospects. This is the target market research we do when designing a website. We must know who we’re targeting so we can direct your marketing content to those customers. Branding also needs to be consistent. The way your logo is used, the colors and fonts you use, the e-mail signatures, your collateral, website and social media should all have content that’s consistent with the same look, feel and style. From our experience, most website companies are more concerned with the design of your website. but who is watching out for your brand? This includes making sure that your brand name is clearly represented through expert marketing techniques. Amazing Websites Reno will watch out for your brand by helping you more closely define your target audience while perfecting your USP. We’ll make sure your brand is properly represented on the website, as well as consult with you on how to be consistent with branding in other aspects of your strategic marketing plan.

Graphic Design

Whether it’s a banner you need for your website, marketing materials, flyers, or a logo, the talented team at Dream Weaver Marketing can design what you need, while keeping consistent with your brand image.

Websites and Landing Page Development

The Web Design Process:

Dream Weaver Marketing provides the complete web development solution from domain support and hosting to online marketing strategy and web design and development. We provide full-service website design from scratch to completion. We also provide current website improvements including re-design. We have designed real estate websites, e-commerce and small businesses websites, entertainment websites, as well as web development for many industries across the U.S. All our websites include SEO management and a responsive design. (You will need to purchase a background SEO program with your hosting package). Here’s how the web-development process works:

Initial Consultation:

Step One: Website Marketing Strategy

Our process for web design starts with understanding your business and your goals. What do you want to achieve? Do you need a domain name? Who do you want to host your website? What do you like best about other websites you’ve seen? What functionality do you require?  Who are your customers? Who are your competitors? What colors do you like? Do you want a custom template or something designed from scratch? Understanding your needs and goals allows us to develop a website that will achieve your marketing strategy.

Step Two: Selecting a Website Design

Do you want a WordPress website or a custom-built website that we build for you? In this step, you’ll choose the elements you want in your website, either from an existing template or from different widgets and plug-ins from other templates to give you all the features you want. You may have features from other websites you want us to look at. Choose the main menu items you want us to create for the drop down menu, and list the pages you want. In some cases, a wireframe is provided for you on complicated websites.

Once we have an idea from steps one and two what you want, we’ll provide a quote on the work. We require 50% down to begin and 50% on completion.

Step Three: The Build

In the process, you’ll send us logos, photos, videos, social media links and any content you want included. We’ll improve the SEO on our end by creating keyword rich titles and marketing content. We’ll also concentrate on some competitive analysis and target market research so we understand who we’re marketing to before content development begins.

Content Development

Modern web development is about designing around the user experience. A website is only useful if it’s full of images and content that your end user will find valuable and will drive them to connect with you. Content writing for the web is different than writing any other marketing material. The more relevant and useful content you have on your website, the more it will increase your ranking and visitation. Bad content can hurt your message and drive people away. We generate the right content to create an impressive online presence.

Step Four: Presentation and Review

This time is allotted for you to go through each page and make improvements as you deem necessary.

Step Five: Training and Hand-Off

When you approve the website and make your final payment, the website will be published and all passcodes are turned over to you. We’ll schedule a time to show you how to log in and edit your content. This gives you an opportunity to change content as needed without hiring a web developer at an additional price.

These steps may vary according to various factors, but this is the typical process for developing a website.


Social Media

Social media presence is of upmost importance today in your marketing mix. It’s important for your website too. The links to some social media pages like Google Plus are actually required in the back-end of any good SEO set-up. Social media is good for branding too. The strategies we develop together will include e-mail campaigns that will entice people to like your social media pages. By now, most every company has a social media page of some sort. If not, it’s time.

We’ll help you set up your pages. This includes a Facebook business page, Google Plus page, YouTube channel, Twitter account, LinkedIn account, Instagram, Vimeo and more. These pages will need to be set up and links provided so we can add the links to your website and get more followers. Having more followers is like having direct access to them on their mobile devices, because most classifications feed directly to their hand-held devices. We can also design social media advertisements for your campaigns.

Social media provides great opportunities for branding and directing people to your website. Ask us how we can help you improve your social media and use it more effectively. We have been nationally recognized for successful social media practices.

E-mail marketing campaigns help drive more visitors to your website and social media

E-mail marketing campaigns DO work if you know the secrets of making them successful. If you’re like me and most business professionals, you have way too many e-mails in your inbox than you want. Which ones do you open first? Most likely the ones that will help you solve a problem, finish a project or make some money. Or perhaps it’s the ones from friends or family, or those that may be more urgent.  Then where does that put a company newsletter? The open rates on these are very small, perhaps 1-5% from my experience.

So how do you get your message across to your audience with all that clutter?

You have to be relevant. Send the right message to the right person at the right time with the right frequency.

  • Keep it brief
  • Keep it entertaining
  • Keep it personal
  • Provide value
  • Provide an entertaining and engaging design
  • Allow for their input
  • Invite them to do something that will benefit them

There are many strategies to help you perfect your e-mail marketing and improve your open and click-through rate. Let me help you discover them.