Dream weaver Marketing

Testimonial published on LinkedIn:

"Debra has been a truly outstanding asset to our organization. From the 2010 Marketing Plan that was put together, to the help she provided with the seminar event, individual web page and SEO help, the group webinars, and the list goes on and on. Debra gives everything 100% and produced great results for all of the franchises. Every single comment about her has been positive over the entire time we have worked together... and that just doesn't happen with a group of High "D" Business Coaches. Debra is the best marketing manager we've had for 6 years. She was always there to help all 15 of us. She is invaluable!" Phil B./Franchisees and Clients of DW Marketing.


Dream Weaver Marketing's Debra Ward is the recipient of the Green Company of the Year award from NCET and the Senatorial Letter of Achievement for the development of a reusable shopping bag made of PET (an elegant fabric made of recycled plastic bottles).  Visit for more information on this product designed, developed and marketing by Debra Ward, founder of Dream Weaver Marketing. This project was inspired by the need to reduce plastic pollution caused by billions of plastic bags and bottles used in the USA. These plastics are creating a monumental disaster of trash in our oceans and killing our fish and wildlife while filling up our landfills with non-biodegradable waste. Dream Weaver Marketing has donated thousands of bags to Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful to promote bringing reusable bags shopping while keeping Reno beautiful.  Thank you to NCET.

A successful on-field sponsorship and corporate promotion at UNR's corporate night game.

Event Success: A sold-out event! 700 Parkinson's Patients and their families enjoyed 5 key note speakers, live entertainment, flawless registration, break-out sessions and an extraordinary learning experience.

Newsletter and event program and registration materials were designed to promote and brand the event, while raising over a million dollars for the Institute.

Skill Set:

  •  Excellent oral and written communication & presentation skills.
  •  Ability to operate successfully under minimal management.
  •  Excellent problem solver with detailed project management skills.
  •  Extremely creative & well organized.

Marketing Expert:

  • Sales expertise; strategic planning; research & analytics; digital marketing; copywriting; collateral development; budgeting and more.


  • Campaign management.; media relations; radio/TV scripting and directing; ad design & production; PPC advertising on search engines and social media.

Public Relations:

  • Press release writing; press conference coordination; live TV/radio coordination.

Event Production:

  • 20 years experience producing events from 10 to 10,000 people, including user groups, open houses, seminars, awards ceremonies, symposiums, parties and more.


  • Proficient with Adobe Creative Suite CS6 i.e.: Photoshop and InDesign. Produced award-winning sales collateral winning the Sierra Graphics Award for design for print.


  • Trained by a consultant with the David and Lucile Packard Foundation how to write and submit grants for non-profit organizations. 10 years experience in grant writing with success in raising $80K for the Parkinson's Foundation for their annual Symposium. Landed $30K from Stanford University's Neuroscience Department as a partner for the symposium.
  • 20 years experience writing content for websites, advertising, brochures, flyers, direct mail, product sheets, campaigns and TV commercials.

One of many live radio broadcasts as part of a corporate media package. I have had clients on the morning news, or in the radio station as part of a promotional event or other news.

A successful Grand Opening Ceremony at Infiniti of Reno with Mayor and distinguished guests, live entertainment and front page news.

Dream Weaver Marketing - Small Business Consultant Profile


I believe that all of us were given a unique talent to serve others. My skill is in helping small business owners and non-profit organizations in achieving extraordinary results in growth and profits.  Knowing the recipe for marketing success came early in life for me. I discovered early in my sales career at the age of 15 that one must first find out what people want, then know your product so well that you can find a way to make them happy. That's how I became the top cheese seller at Hickory Farms. Later in college, I discovered that in the marketing profession we call that "market research" and that knowing the target market's needs and desires is the key at being successful at selling anything.  It's quite simple really. If you know and understand what they really want and need, you can better develop your unique selling proposition and solve their problems. 20 years later, while technologies have changed and improved, the same basic principles still apply.  Whether you are a non-profit organization seeking new donors, or a small business seeking more customers/clients, I can help you. I have a proven track record of success raising money through grant writing, as well as growing small businesses through the utilization of dozens of unique marketing strategies. Business is business. You need a website. Then you need to get your website found on a top organic search result. Then your communications need to speak to your audience (you need to solve their problems). You need to know what makes you unique. You need a sound business plan and selling model. You need a call to action. Most importantly, you need someone who knows what they are doing to write your messaging. This includes your website, your brochures, your company advertising, trade-show materials, and a master mind behind your campaigns. I am the mastermind behind several successful campaigns, from TV commercials, to radio ads; from PR in national magazines to groundbreaking sold-out events. Just recently, I designed and completed a successful direct mail campaign to a small targeted audience that brought in over 2 dozen leads and three pretty big clients in just three months. I know a secret you don't know. I know the recipe for your success. I am a marketing consultant, and my name is Debra Ward.

I am currently seeking to obtain a challenging projects that help propel small business or non-profit organizations into the limelight. I can help you.

A successful 20 year anniversary celebration for Siemen's Business Communications with 2 live bands, fireworks, jumbotron screen and 10,000 people enjoying food and fireworks. An Amazing Events Production.