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Debbie W. founded Dream Weaver Marketing in 2006 to meet the growing need of small businesses to fill the gap between what their team was trying to do to help market the business and a trained professional  can do to show real results. Debbie is a marketing specialist with over 20 years experience in the field of marketing, advertising, PR, design, and strategic planning.  Debra has helped over 150 businesses across the U.S. to achieve extraordinary results (sales, leads or fundraising goals) as a freelance marketing consultant. She accomplished this through strategic marketing planning that includes website development, search engine optimization, content development, graphic design, advertising, PR, social media expertise, e-mail marketing and video and TV/Commercial production.

Debbie earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising with a Minor in Business Marketing with an extra emphasis in Radio/TV/Film from San Jose State University. Her emphasis in TV/radio production as a second minor has allowed her to create storyboards for television commercials which she has co-directed, as well as the ability to produce videos for use on websites, YouTube, in social media and in e-mail campaigns to help improve awareness and leads. She has a proven track-record increasing sales, leads and customer base. She is extremely creative and a natural problem solver.

She completed her certification in Human Resources Management in 2019 to broaden her understanding of HR activities as they apply to marketing. HR involves a great deal of strategic planning to keep and train employees, and give corporations that competitive advantage through expert staff. She loves any opportunity to apply her HR training, social media management, content development, job description writing, marketing and technical knowledge to help corporations attract new employees and keep them motivated as they are a company's greatest asset.

Debbie has worked for many diverse industries including: hospitality, gaming, automotive, real estate, medical, insurance, trade associations, management associations, business coaching, e-commerce, entertainment, banking, non-profit, robotics, small service businesses and non-profit organizations throughout her long career. There isn't a single industry that cannot benefit from her knowledge and experience.

Debbie founded Dream Weaver Marketing in 2006 because she realized the need for an independent contractor to meet the low budget needs of small businesses. She learned that businesses were significantly benefiting from her advice and she wanted to help as many businesses succeed as possible. Marketing is her passion!  She cares about each and every business and has been successful in increasing sales by 50% or more within just a few short months working her strategies and improving marketing operations. Just read her testimonials and you will learn just how valuable her talents and experience is to growing businesses.


“Debbie is an enthusiastic go-getter who has provided excellent support in keeping our marketing campaigns on track and executed in a consistent and timely manner. She has helped us create content and distribute it across our multiple marketing channels and assisted us with our strategic efforts. I would recommend all of the services provided by Dream Weaver Marketing to all small businesses seeking growth.”

Executive Business Coach C. Kocher


“Okay, this is absolutely amazing! I can’t believe how perfect my website is! I’m so grateful to you for taking my frustrations and wiping them out by taking over this project! Debbie, I could never thank you enough! I feel like I now have the ability to move forward with my business, social media and networking. I feel like a real business with a place to refer people. I’m ready to hit the ground running. Thank you so much! You’re a rock star!”

M. Hixon Arizona Organized Solutions


“I hired Debbie as my Marketing Director to help grow my business on a one-year contract. She completely re-designed my website and improved SEO. We went from not being found on the Internet to the first page of Google results in top position in just three weeks. She also re-designed all our marketing and presentation collateral and designed a direct e-mail piece that brought us over 25 leads and three major clients within a few months. She’s a great graphic designer, and I would highly recommend her to companies that desire growth. We grew so fast that she grew herself out of an office!”

R. Gardner President/Equus Management Group

“I hired Debbie to create two websites for me, and the results were amazing! My business is now booming! Not only was she very creative in the design of the sites, but she was also fast to respond to my updates. Before I hired Debbie my business was struggling, and now I’m so busy I’m turning away clients! I highly recommend Debbie for your website and marketing needs, as she and her team have ability to create websites that not only look good, but also drive business. Her marketing experience is extensive, and thanks to her help, my business is more successful than ever!”

L. Carr Bay Area Entertainment Network


“We have been working with Debbie for several months and have been ecstatic with the results. Within weeks my website and SEO dramatically improved with new links, squeeze pages, registration pages and PayPal links.Debbie now handles many of these aspects as well as client testimonials, e-mail campaigns, event management and sales campaign content. She has a can-do attitude and looks for ways to accomplish our goals from strategy through implementation. She is a pleasure to work with and a valuable asset to our team. Her role continues to expand, and her experience, ethics and drive will continue to drive our results. I highly recommend the services provided by Dream Weaver Marketing!”

D. Gazave, Business Coach


“Debbie has been actively involved in so many facets of my business, including marketing, sales, website consulting, customer retention and community image. She even starred in one of our web video casts. And she ran our successful charity fund raiser. Combine her enthusiasm, energy, creativeness and people power with her genuine desire to help build your business, and you can’t find anyone better. Would I ask her to help with future marketing campaigns? Absolutely! Where’s my checkbook?!”

S. Lewis Sterling Motors Reno

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