SEASONED marketing Professional


As your consultant, I identify technology, processes, strategies, and the right content to brand your company and advertise it's unique selling proposition (USP).  


Chuck Kocher

Executive Business Coach


Debbie w. 

Marketing Consultant | Specialist

- 2o years experience

- 150 Successful Clients

- Diverse Industry Experience

- Extraordinary Results

- Affordable Rates for Small Business Budgets

It's time to dive in. A good Marketing Director is a refreshing experience! Contact me today for a 30 minute complimentary discussion about your needs. I'll give you some free tips and even recommend people to help you if I'm not what you need. 


Think of me as you freelance Marketing Director helping you set up or manage your marketing department remotely. I have been successful in this role for 20 years thanks to technology and building effective teams and processes. My strategies have improved leads and sales for every client. Why does a remote Marketing Director work so well?

1. Zoom now connects teams effectively

2. e-mail mail marketing can now be done remotely with design and content development done digitally online.

3. Social media can be done digitally and remotely.

4. KPI's are all online for social media, Google business, Google analytics for website reports, Constant Contact/Mail Chimp, Sales Force, PPC ads, everything in the marketing strategy that can be measured is now online.

5. Public Relations and Media Relations are done over the phone and meetings are set up with CEO's and in-house staff with the media. I set things up and you roll. 

6. Graphic Design is done remotely and digital copies are sent to printers for direct mail, trade shows, or to in-house staff for sales purposes. (A Marketing Director develops strategies and tools for your sales force.)

Literally everything a Marketing Director does can be done remotely. But, there are times the Director is needed in-house for meetings, photo shoots, TV commercials, open houses or presentations and I am available for these types of events in California or Nevada.

I possess two decades experiencing helping over 150 business owners across the United States with a special expertise in small business development and solving complex marketing problems. Learn more...

“Debra is an enthusiastic

"go-getter" who has provided excellent support in keeping our marketing campaigns on track and executed in a consistent and timely manner. She has helped us create content and distribute it across our multiple marketing channels and assisted us with our strategic efforts. I would recommend all of the services provided by Dream Weaver marketing to all small businesses seeking growth.”

  • Analytics | KPI's
  • Program | Campaign Mgmt.
  • Social Media Management
  • Video Editing
  • Event Planning
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising

Once executive buy-in is achieved, I will oversee the implementation process from start to finish.

This includes monitoring KPI's daily, weekly, and monthly, adjusting strategies as needed for success and achieving extraordinary success!

  • Marketing Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Content Development
  • Branding & Design
  • Creative Marketing Planning

Full service marketing consulting - serving nevada and california small businesses



Dream Weaver Marketing uses competitive analysis and target market studies to help design strategic plans to gain an edge over the competition at prices that fit in your budget!




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